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Gives That Give Back for Our Forests

KeepCup (Featured in photo below) This company set out to create an alternative to the highly wasteful disposable coffee cups. They’re not the only company out there offering this type of product, but we love their unique style and their efforts to reduce their...


The Problem: Deforestation: To divest or clear of forests or trees. (Source) The concept isn’t shocking — we see the results of it all the time when new houses are built or we’re tossing wood into a firepit. But, to understand the issue of...

Action Plan Guides

Thank you for joining our email list! Here are the recent Action Plan Guides that you might have missed. Click to download in pdf format, to keep for future reference: Shelter Pets  

Who We Love (Who is helping Shelter Pets)

There are so many choices to fill this list of “Who We Love” for groups or people helping Shelter Pets, but here are three we just had to share. Support them to help Shelter Pets across the world! HeARTs Speak (featured in the image) is a nationally...

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