It seems like life is so much busier than it used to be and that our hard-earned dollars just don’t stretch as far as they used to, so when someone asks you to give more that can be challenging. I thought maybe we could dig into that a bit more today with this post, and then brainstorm some solutions to make giving back just a tiny bit easier.

Time is always going to be a huge challenge for me personally. Anyone else? After work and taking care of our fur-babies we barely find time to spend together, nevertheless tackle cleaning out the gutters like we know we need to do! You might be adding kids or family obligations to that list as well, right? So, how can we find the time to go help a cause we believe in?

One idea is to combine different commitments. Multitasking is my favorite! So, maybe your next date-night is to go to a silent auction event for a charity? That sounds pretty great to me! We’re actually headed to a concert this summer and the cost of the tickets is going to The March of Dimes as the tickets were donated by the venue. Win-win! Another great idea is to include your kids in your giving back endeavors. There are so many different ways to do this, but a favorite of mine is seeing kids read to shelter dogs to help the pups relax while they’re in the shelter waiting for a new home. So sweet.

Another idea is to find the small things you can do to make a difference that won’t take up any extra time. Like turning off the tap water when you’re brushing your teeth or saying no to a plastic straw that’s unnecessary. Reusable shopping bags are always great, too! These small steps can add up to big change if we all started doing them, right?

Money can be another challenge… It’s so hard to say “no” when you see non-profits in need of funding. So, what can we do? For one, sometimes I’ll participate in an event if I can’t donate to it. That way I feel like I’m still be supportive. All of those “walk for a cause” events are great because you’re able to show your support and it’s super healthy, too!

Another option is to donate something in place of money. If it’s a fundraising auction, I’ll donate some photography, or if it’s a local fundraiser I might offer to design the promotional poster. In-kind donations are just as great as cash, especially when you have a skill or talent that is useful. (Have you seen the knitted sweaters for rescued chickens? OMG so cute!!)

Those are my top two answers to the question of challenges, and probably the most obvious, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you struggle to find a cause you believe in? Or a non-profit who is out there helping that cause? Maybe you don’t know how to best offer/incorporate your skills and talents to make a difference? Or you’re not local to those you want to help and that makes it difficult? Let me know as I’d like to dig in and come up with some solutions that will help everyone with the same challenges!

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