Since it’s National Pet Day, of course we’re going to take a minute to talk about rescuing your next best friend! Did you know that it’s estimated that more than 4,100 animals are killed each day because they don’t have a place to call home? (Source) I know, it’s incredibly sad. But, there are things you and I can do to help less pets meet this depressing end:

First, Adopt Don’t Shop! Our house is full of love between our 5 rescue kitties and our 2 rescue dogs and we wouldn’t have it any other way! By adopting, instead of visiting a pet shop or supporting breeders, we’re helping to support the great organizations who do the front line work of saving lives.

Second, if you already have a pet, please spay or neuter! I can’t tell you how often I see people trying to give away puppies or kitties from a surprise (or worse, intentional) litter. This just fills up homes that might otherwise be filled with shelter pets.

Third, think outside the box! We might automatically think of dogs and cats when we think of pets, but there are so many other wonderful animals that not only make great pets, but are also waiting for forever homes in shelters! Think about bunnies, ferrets, rats, hamsters, horses and more! A simple google search will help you to find a rescue with whatever wonderful critter you want to save.

With those few thoughts, our houseful of fur-babies wish you and yours a very Happy National Pet Day!

National Pet Day | Animal Rescue | Giving Back | The Giving Back Society


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