For those of you with us on our journey this week, you’ll know we’re helping to prevent Deforestation. If you’re just joining us, we suggest starting back with this blog post that talks about the problem. Then follow our other posts to work up to this one. Today, we’re going all in! This isn’t something for everyone, but if this cause really speaks to you, here’s a way you can make a big difference!


Overhaul Your Shopping Habits. Yup, we’re talking about responsible consumerism here. There are so many shopping habits that you can tweak which will add up to having an actual impact on deforestation. Start by becoming aware of what you’re buying. Read labels and ask questions. And it’s not just in your weekly trip to the grocery store — think about other purchases, too, like beauty products or items made of wood and leather.

Look for products that are certified sustainable by FSC.  Also visit Supply Change for a list of businesses that have made a commitment to helping deforestation and support them.

At the grocery store watch out for palm oil as it’s one of the most popular products grown/produced on cleared lands. If you can’t avoid it completely at least look for sustainably grown certifications. This goes for coffee, soy and meat, too.

You should know: Palm oil and soy can both be found in cosmetic and beauty products so keep an eye on those purchases, too.

Bonus: Bring your groceries home in reusable bags.

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