This week it’s been all about how we can help to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. If you’re just joining us now, we suggest scrolling back a bit and checking out why this is such an important cause. Click here to jump right back to ourĀ first post on the subject. For those of you already on board with this cause, here’s our “All In” Action Plan for you:

Refuse Single-Use Plastic. This one is going to be tougher than it sounds, but considering that single-use plastics make up half of the plastic pollution in our oceans, it’s worth the effort. We have grown so used to disposable plastics that they’re everywhere without us noticing. And while reusing and recycling plastics are great, it’s best to start by refusing them. Here are a few places to start, and then a link at the end for those of you wanting to level up!

Bring your own water in a stainless steel or glass bottle to avoid buying bottled. In a bind? Buy water in a glass bottle as you can reuse it longer and it has a higher recycling rate than plastic.

Bring your own bag. Don’t just do this in the grocery store — keep those bags with you for any errands you’re running. While you’re filling your cart, opt for items with the least of amount of packaging. For example, buy whole veggies instead of the pre-cut ones in plastic containers. Or fresh bread in paper bags instead of plastic.

Reusable cups for coffee are a good step, too, as the to-go ones often have a plastic lid.

Rethink your to-go containers (like stainless steel) and don’t forget to bring them to the restaurant for your leftovers. While you’re on the go, grab some reusable utensils to go along with you.

#LevelExpert. These are all great changes that will add up over time, but if you’re looking for a larger impact and more ways to separate yourself from plastic, we recommend this list of 100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life.

How to reduce plastic in our oceans


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