For those of you with us on our journey this week, you’ll know we’re helping Shelter Pets. If you’re just joining us, we suggest starting back with this blog post that talks about the problem that millions of animals are facing in our shelters. Then follow our other posts to work up to this one. Today, we’re going all in! This isn’t something for everyone, but if this cause really speaks to you, here’s a way you can make a big difference!


Foster Kittens. Talk about a cute way to make a difference in the world! Shelters have a tough time giving kittens the extra care that they need, so they often ask for foster families to step in and take them. It’s a temporary gig for a few weeks and then the grown kittens go back to the shelter to find forever homes. Reach out to your local shelter to see if they need help. Spring and summer are usually the most popular times (also known as Kitten Season).

Tip: There’s a big difference between fostering a pregnant cat (or one that just gave birth) compared to fostering motherless kittens who need to be bottle fed and taken care of by you. Learn more from The Kitten Lady who specializes in just this thing. She’s not only an expert who is constantly fostering kittens in her home, she also lectures and teaches kitten care at shelters and facilities around the country. Her work is having a real impact.

Trending: Another movement gaining speed with kitten fostering is in senior care facilities. It’s the perfect combination of people who have the time and love to give, combined with helpless tiny lives that need to be cared for. This makes our hearts happy to see!

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