Small changes are easy to make, right? Using reusable grocery bags, going meat-free at dinner one night a week, donating a can of food to the soup kitchen at the grocery store checkout… All of these actions are relatively simple and just a scratch on the surface of all the small things we can do. But, it’s easy to think that these tiny efforts won’t really have any impact. We tend to gravitate towards the bold gesture, the huge change with the biggest results. We want the headline story, not the sidebar. Go big or go home! But, I think this is where many of our efforts to expand our impact tend to go wrong.

When we find causes we’re passionate about, we want to bring others on board, too. It’s only natural. But, we need to remember that they might not be as devoted to the cause as we are and therefore not as willing to go all in. This is where the small changes shine. With a little awareness as to why your cause is so important and if your call to action is something that is relatively easy to do, then you’re more likely to affect change in others. And these small changes add up so quickly! Did you know that by turning off the water while you brush your teeth you can save 200 gallons of water a month?* Now convince 10 people to do the same and you’ve saved 2,000 gallons a month! How about 100? It adds up so quickly to real, tangible change.

So next time you’re starting a campaign to make a difference for a cause you care about, don’t be afraid to think small. You’ll get more people on board with your efforts and that will add up to the headline feature in no time!


The Giving Back Society | Building Compassion Through Volunteerism


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