I can’t take credit for the phrase, Start with Why — that belongs to Simon Sinek and his book (of the same title) has been on my to-read list for awhile now. But, I’ve watched his TED Talk on the subject and I highly recommend that everyone else do the same.

With proper credit given, let me dive into why this phrase has been on my mind lately. The concept is talked about in relation to business and revolves around the idea that if you base a business on WHY, then people will resonate more clearly with your HOW and WHAT. It is, in fact, a huge part of the reason I started The Giving Back Society as I want to help empower people to make a difference for causes they believe in. The HOW and the WHAT of that are secondary to the true purpose of this project. And through the development of this project, I’ve come to realize that the same is true for volunteering. When you’re drawn to help a cause you’re passionate about, it’s not generally the HOW or the WHAT, right? It’s the cause itself, in other words, the WHY. This doesn’t necessarily apply to every single effort to give back, but if your commitment to a cause has any longevity, then most likely it’s because of your WHY.

For some of you who have been supporting certain causes over time, this might really resonate. I know it did for me. But, for others, perhaps you are still figuring out your WHY? I believe that’s a great place to start if you’re feeling the urge to give back. Figure out your WHY and then you’ll find any volunteer work for that cause to be more enjoyable, no matter what the task is. Because at it’s heart, it’s going to speak to a purpose inside of you that is authentic and true. Mr. Sinek was right, WHY is the best place to start, not just in business, but in any endeavor that you want to have a passionate commitment to over time, including making a difference for a cause you believe in!

Start with Why When Volunteering | Simon Sinek | The Giving Back Society


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