Okay, talking about Christmas in May might seem a little strange, but hear me out! This Take Action Tuesday idea is one that you’ll want to start today in order to be ready for the holidays. And it’s super simple. All you need is a jar — nothing fancy, although you’ll want to be sure it’s clean. Then, from now until Christmas, add all of your spare change into the jar. (Hence the need to start now.) 

By the time the holidays roll around you should have a full jar, or maybe more than one? And that’s where the holiday magic comes into play – you can use the money in the jar to purchase a gift for someone in need, or you could tie a ribbon on the jar itself and give it anonymously, brightening the holidays for someone who is struggling. 

If you want to take your impact even further, gather some friends to join in as well! Maybe even set a financial goal to hit for a special purchase you all agree your community needs. The possibilities are endless when we come together and create #changeforgood!

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