I’ve been thinking a lot this February about the Valentine’s cards we used to give each other back in school… For whatever reason, those brightly colored little cards have been popping into my head each time I think of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. So much so that I started to think it might be fun to design my own this year! But, I wasn’t sure how to get them into the hands of kids who would enjoy them as much as I did when I was younger. In my subsequent research, I stumbled across something I loved even more – digital ecards that you could send to the residents at children’s hospitals!

Okay, okay, you are welcome to call me out about the idea that digital cards are better than real cards. In my heart of hearts I know that tangible cards that I decorated by hand would be more memorable. But, when I was reading about how to send cards to kids in hospitals, there were rules about not using any decorations that could flake off and cause a choking hazard, or even to laminate the cards because of germs. So, while my original intentions would have been fun for me, the reality is that I would never want to take a chance on making things worse for the recipient of my cards! Therefore, when I saw that some hospitals have an ecard option I thought it was a great use of technology!

In the end, I decided to send Valentine’s ecards to the Boston Children’s Hospital. Their cards were the cutest and their website was simple and easy to use. And it only took a few seconds! Your name, email address and a quick message and that was it! They have three cute designs to choose from, too. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to make a difference this Valentine’s Day, it really doesn’t get easier! Click here to visit Boston Children’s Hospital’s site and send your own ecard! The idea that I could make a child smile with just one minute of effort is simply priceless. It’s even better than the feeling of getting those Valentine’s when I was a kid myself.

Valentine's Ecards for Boston Children's Hospital | The Giving Back Society

Image via Boston Children’s Hospital


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