Our cause this week is Premature Babies — you can find a recap of the problem here.


Nursery Time. Sometimes premature babies show up so early that parents haven’t even had time to finish preparing the nursery. Help them assemble the crib, paint the room or whatever finishing touches they need. Knowing they can bring baby home to a finished nursery will give them peace of mind.   

Get Crafty. There are many projects that you can make for premature babies including blankets (even no-sew fleece ones), hats, booties, stuffed animals, etc. Some quick pinterest or google searches will get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be making wonderful items in no time. Note: Be sure to check with your local NICU or non-profit first to see what they need/accept. And keep in mind that whatever you make should be kept away from smokers, pets, etc.

On a Sad Note: The heartbreaking  reality is that not every baby makes it home from the NICU. In looking for a way to support those parents during such loss, we stumbled across a trend which we thought was beautiful: People have been donating their wedding dresses to be used as the materials for “angel gowns” for the babies to be buried in. While most sites said they were not currently in need of donations, you could search your local area, or gather up some friends who have seamstress experience and make your own to donate.

The Giving Back Society is Helping Premature Babies


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