Our cause this week is helping our oceans and lessening plastic pollution — you can find a recap of the problem here.


Contact Your Favorite Businesses. As a consumer, you can demonstrate your views through your purchases (more on that coming in our “All In” Action plan). But, there is also great power in
picking up the phone and calling management directly. We recommend starting small — instead of a full-on plastic bag ban, what if you suggested stores ask before automatically providing a bag for purchases? Or to display a sign by the register stating that they support reusable bags. These are painless changes for the store, yet can add up as people decline those new bags.

Skip the Straw. Another campaign along these lines is targeted at your favorite eatery. Over 500 million straws are used in the United States each day and they are one of the most common plastic pollution items found. Reach out to the restaurants in town and ask them to change their protocol on straws so they only provide them to customers upon request. Even better, encourage them to use a non-plastic option like paper, glass or stainless steel.  Feeling passionate about this change? Announce your intentions to everyone with a tee shirt that supports The Lonely Whale Foundation and their mission for everyone to #StopSucking.

The Giving Back Society is helping to end plastic pollution in our oceans


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