Our cause this week is helping preemies — you can find a recap of the problem here.


Create a Care Calendar. So much planning goes into preparing for a new baby, but a premature baby can throw the plan right out of the window! Not only are families reeling from the stress of any medical concerns, they’re often splitting their time between their home life and the NICU. For some, that means hours of driving each day or having to stay at a hotel nearby. At the same time, they may have other children to care for or pets waiting to be fed. Even mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning and yard work can become overwhelming or impossible. So, gather up friends and family and put together a care calendar with each of you stepping up as you can.   

Bonus: Another great half-hour action plan is to put together NICU Parental Survival Bags to donate to your local NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). These bags can make life just a bit easier for new parents. We recommend reaching out to your local NICU or non-profit to see if they have guidelines to follow, but think along the lines of snacks, kleenexes, unscented lotions, chapstick, hand sanitizer, vitamin C drops, etc. You know, those small things you never have on hand when you need them.

The Giving Back Society | Helping Preemies


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