Our cause this week is Hunger — you can find a recap of the problem here.


Help a Hungry Senior. Have a neighbor who has trouble getting out and about? Offer to do their grocery shopping for them. If you’re strapped for cash, just make it a delivery service, but if you can afford to sneak in a few fresh veggies or fruit, all the better. Seniors are one of the demographics hardest hit by hunger, but if grocery shopping isn’t your favorite activity, you could make them a meal on occasion instead to help them stay healthy.

Bonus: At the other end of the age spectrum, we know that children are also hit hard by hunger or food insecurity. Kids who eat breakfast are more likely to have better grades in school, yet 3 in 4 teachers say that their students regularly come to school hungry. (Source) Many will keep some staples on hand for students who need a snack when they get to school — so reach out to teachers in your area and see if they could use an extra jar of peanut butter for their classroom. A simple PB&J could mean a passing grade on today’s test!

The Giving Back Society is Helping Prevent Hunger


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