Did you know that homes account for 22% of the energy used in the United States? I wasn’t aware of that fact until I started researching all about Cut Your Energy Costs Day. That’s right friends, today, January 10th, is officially #NationalCutYourEnergyCostsDay (sorry, no time off from work though). For a bit of history, it was first established by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and then spread into the US and UK.

So, what’s this all about then? Well, there are two main focuses: First, it’s about Sustainability. And that’s super important and a huge part of curbing Climate Change, so you’ve got my attention already. But, secondly, it’s about saving money, which doesn’t hurt either, right?

A lot of these “national days” are focused on raising awareness for something but, this particular day also focuses on making lists. Lists of the changes you can make to save energy and lists of changes you plan to make in the future to further the effect.

Now, I love a good list, so this gets me excited — what can I do to help lower my energy usage? Let’s do it! But, when you start creating your list, some of the steps turn out to be a bit costly, or require some professional help. So the future wishlist can feel a bit heavy, like it’s just another house project to add to the (what feels like) never-ending list. Can anyone else relate?

But, while these actions are important to take eventually, please don’t let this put any added pressure on you. You’ll get to them when you can, and that’s okay. To help, I’ve started two lists for you to build from. And I plan to focus on the first until I’m ready to make the larger changes on the second. Even small steps add up to big change!

Without further ado, here are some ways that you can celebrate Cut Your Energy Costs Day:

  • Turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Turn down thermostats in the winter (or up in the summer for you AC folks!)
  • Take shorter showers
  • Unplug unused appliances
  • Carpool when possible
  • Only wash full loads of dishes and clothes
  • Cover drafts
  • Check that your overhead fan is turning in the right direction for the season

Now, for those who are looking to make some investments into your home in the near future, keep these options in mind when you do:

  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Convert to energy-efficient lighting, like LED
  • Fix leading toilets and sinks
  • Replace appliances with energy-efficient models
  • Check the insulation in your home
  • Replace old windows with energy-efficient ones
  • Properly maintain your furnace
  • Use solar heat

Hope these ideas help you to celebrate the day in action! 

The Giving Back Society