Empowering teens like yours to change the world.

So they can build confidence, gain leadership experience and find a fulfilling career. 

If you’re searching for new opportunities to help shape your teen’s future success, while also filling them with a sense of purpose, then you’re in the right place.

Fight Feelings of Helplessness

Our world is full of deep, pressing issues that can feel overwhelming. Especially for our youth, who don’t always feel they have a voice in fixing them. It’s easy for them to feel helpless and ineffective, and for that lack of self-confidence to leak into other areas of their life.

Level Up Their Leadership Game

Whether your student is on the college path or starting their career trajectory, this type of leadership is gold on any application or resume, helping them to stand out from the crowd in a truly authentic way.

Expand Their Career Options

Many students today are searching for a career that will allow them to continue creating impact for good, but don’t know where to look outside of nonprofit work. There’s a whole new word of sustainable, equitable jobs, many of which we couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago.

Explore Impact Leadership Program

Explore Impact, a 12-week online mentoring program, is unlike other programs for teens. With a focus on transformation, it will bring out the best in your teen and showcase it to the world in their own unique way. The experience is customized to your high school student, yet they walk away with a skillset designed for the real world.

If you’re searching for new opportunities to help shape your teen’s future success, watch our free training.

Does this sound like you and your teen?

You want your teen to set themselves up on a career path that has financial stability, but also want them to be happy and fulfilled with their work.

You worry about the social and environmental issues your child is going to face in their lifetime and if they’re prepared enough to face these problems.

You understand the value of having a sense of purpose in your life and career and you want that for your teen.

You can see your teen wants to make a difference, but you don’t know where to start or how to help them see what they are truly capable of.

You see your teen struggling to engage with school assignments that don’t light them up and want to give them new opportunities to showcase their own unique gifts.

Your teen might not be a natural leader, perhaps shy or introverted, so you’re searching for unique leadership opportunities where they can excel.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

The solution:

Help them uncover their power to change the world and leverage it for a brighter future.

Once you help them…

You’ll watch their excitement grow as they uncover new, exciting careers they never knew about.

You’ll be able to breathe deep and let go of your own stress, knowing your teen is as prepared as possible to tackle world issues.

You’ll know you’ve given them a priceless gift – a sense of purpose – and you won’t have to worry that they’ll be unfulfilled in life.

You’ll see your teen’s confidence soar as they discover their true power to create unlimited real world change.

You’ll watch your teen light up as they realize they can create their own path to success – one that is true to their authentic self.

You’ll witness your teen discovering their unique voice and their ability to lead in their own way.

“As an introvert, I was so nervous about my college interview, but thanks to this program, I had something I was passionate about to talk about and I felt so much more confident. The interview went really well!”

“My daughter is loving the program.”

The Giving Back Society

Is Explore Impact right for your teen?

While Explore Impact is a powerful program, it’s not the right fit for everyone.
Here’s who this is for:

Your student is willing to put in the work

More than anyone else, you understand how busy your teen’s schedule can get. But, to achieve any sort of transformation, it takes an investment of time. Explore Impact is a 12-week program and your teen can expect to dedicate 1-2 hours per week to start, with some additional hours in the last few weeks depending on the path they choose to take.

They’re willing to be supportive of others

Each week your teen will join a small group of other passionate changemakers on zoom to celebrate their progress and get answers to their questions. In order to funnel our energy into action and positivity, it’s important that your teen is open to supporting others working to help causes such as climate change, Black Lives Matter, gun control, LGBTQ rights and other inclusive issues. 

You’re willing to let them take control

You want the best for them and you have a lifetime of experience to guide them with. But, for Explore Impact to have the best results possible, it’s important that your teen is the one taking control, making their own decisions and choosing their own path. We can update you as much or as little as you’d like behind the scenes, but we want the spotlight to squarely fall on your teen.

Let’s strategize about how to unlock your teen’s inner changemaker. Schedule a call:

Hey, I’m Karen…

If you’re the parent of a high school student and you want to be sure they are as prepared as possible to thrive in today’s issue-filled world, I can help.  

With 20+ years in marketing, numerous roles in the nonprofit realm and years teaching as adjunct faculty, I know how to help young people level up their impact and gain support for their cause. More importantly, I know how beneficial the experience can be for the person doing the work.

I also know the power of a career that gives back because I was stuck in one that didn’t. Waking up feeling unexcited on Mondays and leaving work feeling unfulfilled on Fridays was draining me. I was tired of running campaigns for things that just didn’t matter. I wanted more. I wanted to make a real difference.

So, I have pivoted my career in order to follow my passion of empowering the changemakers of the next generation. Not only does it benefit communities to have more residents making a difference, it also means that teens don’t have to feel helpless or voiceless in the face of world problems.

Feeling empowered to change the world, clear on their purpose, and fulfilled in their career is the perfect trifecta for a future where your teen can thrive. Let’s connect and see how I can help them get there.

If you have any questions or want to connect, send an email here:

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