How I Fell in Love with Sustainability

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to write about one of my newer loves…. Sustainability. Probably not the poetic ode you would expect, but what can I say? It was actually prompted by my wonderful husband who bought me flowers and they had a tag labeling them as sustainable. And just like that, I knew I should write about this today.

Sustainability wasn’t a phrase I was using on a daily or weekly basis a couple of years ago. I had heard of it, but didn’t know much about it. It wasn’t until Covid-19 slowed my business down that I really started paying attention.

My first date with sustainability, as it were, started with an online website. No, not a dating website, but my city’s website. I found myself with some free time (re: Covid as mentioned above) and wanted to get involved with my local community. So I was browsing through the open seats on city commissions one afternoon and that’s when I discovered that we have a Sustainability Commission here in New London! I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about, but I was definitely curious.

So I started to dig in and learn what sustainability really meant. While it’s tempting to give you an official definition, this is a love note, not research paper, so I am going to share what lights me up!

My favorite thing about sustainability is that it’s about almost everything. It’s not limited to just the environment, as many assume — it’s also about building healthy communities, both for people and for local economies. It’s all interconnected in a beautiful way: healthy environments flow into healthy businesses and those flow into healthy families.

So, whether you’re talking about lowering carbon emissions, arranging new cultural events, supporting small businesses, or planting a pollinator garden, you’re talking about sustainability. And it needs to be talked about more!

Fast forward almost two years and I find myself as the Secretary of our Sustainability Commission, doing work that truly makes a difference. So, this Valentine’s Day, my wish for you is to give sustainability a chance to charm you, too! I suspect you’ll be smitten in no time at all. 

How I fell in love with sustainability