With all of the great fruit and veg in season right now (hello, #farmersmarkets), it’s a great time to start composting. You can purchase a simple bin, or if you don’t want to make the investment, just be diligent about bringing your scraps out each day. And mix those food scraps with grass cuttings, leaves, and backyard scraps to build gorgeous soil for your garden or landscaping.

There’s a bit of a science to it and plenty of gadgets if you want to get serious, but you really just need an area that you can add everything to, and something to mix it up with every once in awhile. And I do recommend learning a bit about the “green to brown” ratio, although we’ve done fine winging it.

Why compost? It’s a simple action that we can take to reduce consumer waste in our local garbage collections, plus build natural, healthy, nutritious soil for our gardens that attracts beneficial organisms and helps retain soil moisture. (Don’t have a garden? Donate your lovely new soil to a community garden instead!)