Take Action Tuesdays: Help Someone Get Their Vaccine

Today’s Take Action Tuesday is straight out of a situation I experienced the other day with my Mom. (Thanks, for the blog content, Mom!) I just happened to be in the right place to help her, and that got me thinking about how easy it is to help others in this way.

It all comes down to technology for this one. Long story short, she was eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, but was having trouble signing up online for an appointment. And she’s not the only one who has struggled in this area — I have heard of others complaining about the confusing platforms. In fact, it took me a little while to get a handle on how the sign up system worked, too. But, I was able to help her get her appointment and that was the result we were both looking for. 

So, for your quick easy way to make a difference today, reach out to anyone you may know who is eligible for the vaccine and who might be struggling to make sense of the sign up process and help them figure it out! Take it a step further and also make sure they have the transportation to get there!

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