Who We Love (Who are Helping Premature Babies):

The March of Dimes was originally formed to help fight polio, but when vaccines effectively ended the epidemic in the United States, the March of Dimes turned its focus to preventing birth defects and infant mortality. Since 2003, their fight to save babies has been strongly characterized by their Prematurity Campaign. (We personally participate annually in their March for Babies events.) Learn more about this non-profit and how they’re helping to lower the premature birth rates: http://www.marchofdimes.org/

Milk Banking is a program where surrogate mothers donate breast milk for babies in need, especially preterm or NICU infants. If for whatever reason a new mom isn’t able to provide enough milk for her baby, the hospital can work with milk banks in order to supply the much-needed nourishment human milk provides. We suggest Google to find a program near you, although some are going national and providing donors with the supplies needed to ship the milk overnight.

The Giving Back Society: Who We Love


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