We’re helping Shelter Pets this week! Get the scoop on this cause here and then check out how you can help below.


Take a hike. With a shelter dog, that is. Many shelters, especially municipal animal shelters, struggle to find volunteers to spend quality time with the animals. Walking a dog is healthy (for both of you) and great for the dog to work on socialization (which can make or break potential adoptions). If you work near a shelter, schedule this in on your lunch break. Or make it your regular Saturday afternoon exercise with your kids.

Alternative: Not feeling energetic? How about reading to shelter pets instead? It helps to relax as well as socialize them and is a great activity to do with the whole family. There are programs popping up all around the country of kids reading to shelter pets because it provides a non-judgemental audience for someone who is just learning to read or is dealing with a fear of speaking out in public.

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